Updating recursive xml views of relations

Most state-of-the art approaches for securing XML documents allow users to access data only through authorized views defined by annotating an XML grammar (e.g. To prevent improper disclosure of confidential information, user queries posed on these views need to be rewritten into equivalent queries on the underlying documents.This rewriting enables us to avoid the overhead of view materialization and maintenance.Moreover, we propose a mild condition on SPJ views, and show that under this condition the analysis of deletions on relational views becomes PTIME while the insertion analysis is NP-complete.Finally, we present an experimental study to verify the effectiveness of our techniques.We provide new techniques to efficiently support XML view updates specified in terms of XPath expressions with recursion and complex filters.The interaction between XPath recursion and DAG compression of XML views makes the analysis of XML view updates intriguing.

We consider (possibly) recursively defined XML views, compressed into DAGs and stored in relations.Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.Google No SQL is treated as a particular case in Chapter 13.This paper investigates the view update problem for XML views published from relational data.We provide new techniques to efficiently support XML view updates specified in terms of XFath expressions with recursion and complex filters.

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