Updating microchip in dog

Download a new registration form, print it off, complete it and post or fax it through to the UK PETtrac Database.

Click here to generate new Micro Chip registration paperwork now Upon receipt of the paperwork PETtrac will register your pet's Micro Chip record and issue a certificate to you.

AVID manages the PETtrac Database to ensure that the high quality found in the Micro Chip products continues in the service which is provided to vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and pet owners alike.

Supplying the complete pet Micro Chipping solution is what AVID does so well and we take pride in the products and services we provide.

The Kennel Club believes that microchipping makes a clear link between a dog and its owner.

More than 100,000 dogs either stray, are lost or stolen each year with many having to be kept in kennels before being re-homed.

If you have the Micro Chip number then we can help direct you to the appropriate database, even if the pet is not registered with the UK PETtrac Micro Chip Database.

The AVID Micro Chip was designed and developed to specifically address the problem of identifying missing pets and returning them home to their families.

To complement the high quality Micro Chips, AVID Micro Chip scanners have been designed to include models which suit all types of environment and that are appropriate for your needs.

From this date owners will need to have their dog microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases available - this is where Petlog Registration comes in.

From 10PM on the 21st of April, 2017 all data and pet records previously located in the National Pet Register (NPR) database will be managed by Central Animal Records (CAR).

Enter your email address and the password you had previously used for the National Pet Register website.

It's really quite simple if you need to update the details for your dog's microchip or cat's microchip.

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