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Of these people, 2,000 are watching a live stream of an intersection in the Wyoming town of Jackson Hole.

Additionally, so am I, because my job is to be a rapt observer of the internet and because I love this TV show with my whole heart.

system (exhaust) P0016 Crank-Cam position correlation P0031 Oxygen sensor heater(front) low P0032 Oxygen sensor heater(front) high P0033 Waste gate system P0037 Oxygen sensor heater(rear) low P0038 Oxygen sensor heater(rear) high P0045 Boost control solenoid P0046 Boost control solenoid range P0047 Boost control solenoid low P0048 Boost control solenoid high P0051 Oxygen sensor heater2(front)low P0052 Oxygen sensor heater2(front)high P0057 Oxygen sensor heater2(rear) low P0058 Oxygen sensor heater2(rear) high P0069 BARO./MAP sensor P0070 Ambient air temperature sensor P0072 Ambient air TEMP.sensor low P0073 Ambient air TEMP.sensor high P0074 Ambient air TEMP.intermittent P0075 Oil control valve P0088 Common rail high pressure P0089 Suction control valve stuck P0090 Fuel pressure up solenoid P0093 Fuel leak problem P0100 AFS P0101 AFS range P0102 AFS low input P0103 AFS high input P0105 BARO./MAP sensor P0106 BARO./MAP sensor range P0107 BARO./MAP sensor low P0108 BARO./MAP sensor high P0110 Intake air temperature sensor P0111 Intake air temperature SNS.range P0112 Intake air temperature P0113 Intake air temperature P0115 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor P0116 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor range P0117 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor low P0118 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor high P0120 TPS(main) P0121 TPS(main) range P0122 TPS(main) low P0123 TPS(main) high P0125 Feedback system P0128 Coolant thermostat P0130 Oxygen sensor(front) P0131 Oxygen sensor(front) low P0132 Oxygen sensor(front) high P0133 Oxygen sensor(front) response P0134 Oxygen sensor(front) no activity P0135 Oxygen sensor(front) heater P0136 Oxygen sensor(rear) P0137 Oxygen sensor(rear) low P0138 Oxygen sensor(rear) high P0139 Oxygen sensor(rear) response P0140 Oxygen sensor(rear) no activity P0141 Oxygen sensor(rear) heater P0150 Oxygen sensor2(front) P0151 Oxygen sensor2(front) low P0152 Oxygen sensor2(front) high P0153 Oxygen sensor2(front) response P0154 Oxygen sensor2(front)no activity P0155 Oxygen sensor2(front) heater P0156 Oxygen sensor2(rear) P0157 Oxygen sensor2(rear) low P0158 Oxygen sensor2(rear) high P0159 Oxygen sensor2(rear) response P0160 Oxygen sensor2(rear) no activity P0161 Oxygen sensor2(rear) heater P0170 Abnormal fuel system P0171 Fuel trim -Åtoo lean P0172 Fuel trim -Åtoo rich P0173 Abnormal fuel system 2 P0174 Fuel trim 2 too lean P0175 Fuel trim 2 too rich P0180 Fuel temperature sensor P0181 Fuel temperature sensor range P0182 Fuel temperature sensor low P0183 Fuel temperature sensor high P0190 Fuel pressure sensor 1 P0191 Fuel pressure sensor range P0192 Fuel pressure sensor low input P0193 Fuel pressure sensor high input P0200 Injector charge problem P0201 No.1 injector system P0202 No.2 injector system P0203 No.3 injector system P0204 No.4 injector system P0205 No.5 injector system P0206 No.6 injector system P0207 No.7 injector system P0208 No.8 injector system P0219 Engine over speed condition P0220 APS(main) P0221 APS(main) range P0222 TPS(sub) low P0223 TPS(sub) 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catalyst deterioration 1 P0425 Catalyst temperature sensor P0427 Catalyst temperature sensor LO P0428 Catalyst temperature sensor HI P0430 Catalyst deterioration 2 P0431 Warm up catalyst deterioration 2 P0440 EVAP.emission control system P0441 Purge flow P0442 EVAP.emission(small leak) P0443 Purge control solenoid valve P0446 EVAP.emission vent solenoid P0450 EVAP.emission pressure sensor P0451 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor range P0452 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor low P0453 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor high P0455 EVAP.emission(gross leak) P0456 EVAP.emission(very small leak) P0460 Fuel level sensor P0461 Fuel level sensor range P0462 Fuel level sensor low P0463 Fuel level sensor high P0472 Exhaust -Åpressure sensor low P0473 Exhaust -Åpressure sensor high P0475 Exhaust pressure control valve P0500 Vehicle speed signal P0501 Vehicle speed sensor range P0502 Vehicle speed sensor low P0503 Vehicle speed sensor high P0505 Idle speed control system P0506 ISC RPM lower than expected P0507 ISC RPM higher than expected P0510 Idle position switch P0513 Incorrect Immobilizer Key P0515 Battery TEMP. B1438 FL side impact sensor faulty COM B1439 FL side impact sensor No COM. B1450 FL curtain ABG squib short B1451 FL curtain ABG squib open B1452 FL curtain ABG squib grounding B1453 FL curtain ABG squib BAT B1454 FL curtain ABG active circuit SH B1455 FL curtain ABG active circuit OP B1456 RL side analog G sensor fail B1457 RL side impact sensor low VOLT.

P2148 Injector common circuit B short P2149 Injector circuit common2 open P2227 Barometric PRS. B1430 FL side ABG squib short B1431 FL side ABG squib open B1432 FL side ABG squib grounding B1433 FL side ABG squib short to BATT B1434 FL side ABG active circuit short B1435 FL side ABG active circuit open B1436 FL side analog G sensor fail B1437 FL side impact sensor low VOLT.

There are many other live streams of Jackson Hole, but none are so popular — presumably because they don't involve human activity and that's what we're all here for!

Watching anyone go about their day in a nice and comfortable-looking place, inside their nice and comfortable cars, holding nice and comforting coffee travel mugs, is a joy.

Boys and girls can practise their nurturing instincts by putting their baby dolls to sleep on the Cam Cam Harlequin doll bed.

It's beautifully designed with Scandinavian minimalism at its heart, along with touches of French decor style and there's a choice of chic white or grey.

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