Outlook inbox not automatically updating

MS Outlook is a personal information management application, which is mainly used as an e-mail client program.

MS Outlook contains information which requires proper management.

It provides great flexibility by acting as a connectivity tool for much professional software.

However, such software or professional Outlook add-ins are not reliable and can lead to improper functioning of the Outlook.

To break yourself out of this additional subfolder and have all these folders listed directly under your mailbox in Outlook, you can set a root folder for your Gmail IMAP account.

However, this has an effect on any Labels that you might use in Gmail. Note: Any changes you make to the names and the structure of your folders via the Gmail web interface won’t be visible in Outlook until you restart Outlook.

By default the Outlooks settings are not to delete trash data automatically, but if the settings are changed, they can cause issues.

However, in the web interface of Gmail, this folder will be created with the name “INBOX” instead of “Inbox” which could separate the folders again in Outlook after a restart.There are many other reasons for “Outlook Not Responding” error.Such errors are quite frequent if the Outlook hangs or freezes while sending or accessing a mail.For example, the first time you try to Dismiss All on a list of reminders, Outlook asks you if you're sure you want to do that.If you don't choose an option on that dialog box, Outlook won't let you do anything else. Pressing Alt Tab will help you switch from window to window and help you see what dialog boxes might be stopping Outlook from responding.

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