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Tragedy and comedy meet as Helga invites us into her world, from the mundane details of her day to the fabulous memories of her life, skilfully performed by international circus artist Henni Kervinen and directed by Jenni Kallo, Artistic Director of the renowned Kallo Collective (Only Bones, Edinburgh Fringe 2016).

Through mime, clowning and circus, this poignant physical comedy reflects on how it feels when our bodies don’t do what they used to.

She shuffles across her house in colourful woollens and silently reminisces about her heyday.

The radio blares out nostalgic tunes that instantly evoke the impression that she has lived a full life – Life Of Diva Extraordinaire contrasts the mundanity of an old age daily routine with the energy of a vicarious youth in a pleasant one-hander.

She played patience compulsively, and took to her bed.

It was left to Traudl Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries, to look after them.

‘Absurd comedy and sparkling wit…’ (Lapin Kansa.fi).

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In the first months of its showing in West Germany the audience had reached four million people.An old woman shuffles onstage, muttering wordlessly to herself.She is dressed in scarlet and purple, has improbably blonde bubble curls, enormous spectacles with rose-tinted lenses, and the make-up of a white-faced clown – dead white face and garish red lips. The Kallo Collective are well known in Finland for its provocative physical theatre and circus pieces.Reports of inappropriate content or copyright infringement can be directed to [email protected] (Henni Kervinen) is a former star in her twilight years.

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