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Once you added sexy opponents to your account, download them here and install them on your computer.

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Sex Life Planner (99 cents on Android Market) comes pre-loaded with suggestions if you're having trouble getting started.

He is generally up all night long gaming and in 'party chat' with headphones while I am sleeping.

Sometimes the spark needs nurturing in order to stay alive. With the rise of the smartphone, it shouldn't surprise anyone that there are more than a few apps for that to be found in the i Tunes App Store and Android Market that offer to rekindle that fire.

And if these apps aren't enough for you, there are even "devices" you can connect directly to your phone for a little extra help.

Have fun wrapping a whole lot of partners around your little finger like the hot stuff you are.

Choose from 30 characters including hosts, designers, CEOs, kindergarten teachers, and female university students!

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